My name is Stuart Macdonald, I’m a former architect that’s previously worked on the GTA franchise at Rockstar, as well as Remedy‘s upcoming epic, Quantum Break. Right now I’m PlayRaven’s Art Lead.

My passion has always been about creating believable worlds. It’s a common thread that has ran through my years in architecture, into my time building the worlds of GTA: San Andreas, IV and V. Even when working with science fiction.

Next week, my colleagues at PlayRaven and I will be shipping out to GDC 2016!

On Monday, March 14, I will be giving the following talk as part of the Visual Arts track:

Art Direction Bootcamp: Building a Visual Threshold
Room 130, North Hall
1:20pm – 2:20pm

Look forward to seeing everyone next week. Make sure to come say hello if you see/hear a noisy bald Scottish guy stumbling around in a PlayRaven hoody – it shouldn’t be too difficult to track me down 😉