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Spy Dossiers: File #3

Time is Running out!

The task seems simple enough. Just sabotage a train depot in Brest. It is not even a hard mission. Just two agents in the field; agent Lucy and agent Steel.

The first time around I play it too casually. I fail the raid.

Next time around I’m more careful. After all the clock is ticking and I should get the mission wrapped before running out of time. I spend a lot of intel on a good plan, I mobilise both agents and locals. It should be an easy victory.

Only it isn’t. I fail again. And this time with agent Lucy down. My only pianist.

The clock is ticking now. I’m low on intel, I’m low on people. Starting the raid again right away would be suicide.

I’m biting my nails as the days fly by and Lucy heals at snail’s pace. As soon as she is up, she starts sending off intel. I need it for planning the next raid. Failing again is not an option.

But my desperate measures have not gone unnoticed. A Gestapo inspektor arrives on the scene. I can only watch as Lucy the pianist gathers enough intel to start the raid, while the Gestapo are zooming in on my spy ring.

Even a master pianist has her limits

The situation is about to boil over, as agent Lucy finally collapses under the extreme pressure. She did not manage to gather much intel, but it will have to do. The Gestapo inspektor is close on my heels and everything seems hopeless, as I gather my remaining agent, the unproven novice agent Steel,  and a few locals and send them off on a raid with a very unlikely chance of success.

Locals to the rescue!

But with an unexpected strike of luck, they pull through. Everyone just barely gets away, but the depot is sabotaged. Against all odds I managed to win this battle.

Moving back from the edge of my seat, I must say, I do like when my game sessions turn into tense action scenes. My agents may just be pieces on a game board, but the suspense is real enough.