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Spy Dossiers: File #2

So, I have already put on my long coat and soft hat and looked knowingly at my strategic map for hours, whilst placing pins here and there, but as I quickly learn, there is more to spying than this. Entering into the world of spies, there’s a few things to take heed of, and a rookie spymaster would do well to learn the basic ropes before entering enemy territory.

It is of utmost importance to always establish connections between cities. It can seem like a waste of time establishing spy rings all over the map, but a good network will help you travel fast and gather more intel.

It always helps to have a network of friends across Europe.

Always use the right people for the job. Conventional wisdom is right in this respect. Need to gather intel? Be sure to bring a radio expert. Going on a raid? Bring someone who can knock some punches or charm the guards or tamper with electronics. Preferably all of it. Establishing a spy network as fast as possible? Include a people’s person on your team that can rally people to your cause.

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Lastly, do not bring too many agents on a raid. It may seem like a brilliant idea to bring a regular army to blow up that factory, but more people means a bigger chance of getting caught or injured. You may bring the whole team and win an easy battle or two, but who will be left to lead the cause, when all your agents are wounded due to poorly planned and clumsily executed raids?

- Astrid

More agents means more noise and higher chance of injuries.