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Deep Below Bombed London

Road signs could help an invading enemy so they were removed.

London. The heart of your operation.

The city suffers relentless Axis bombing and the population is on the verge of panic while they are preparing for an imminent invasion.

No time to think of that. You're seated deep below in an unmarked bunker, surrounded by hushed conversations and constant scratchy noise of radio sets listening to traffic from the Axis-occupied continent.

A particularly big bomb hits central London, and even you can hear it as a muffled boom somewhere far away. The bunker lights flicker threatening you with darkness, then stabilizing again. 

Just another day for the supreme commander of Allied spies. You go on quietly planning orders for your agents on the field. Time to switch priorities and send Charlie to Moscow? Yes. Important Soviet talks happening there, said Lucy's report yesterday. Might affect the war in a big way. As usual, tonight's music program on the BBC will end with strings of code words and numbers.

And Charlie will know what to do. 

- Lasse

Feel like you're doing big things on a continental scale.