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Meet You in Denmark

Luftwaffe over Aalborg. 

There's no warning, no declaration of war. At 4:15 am on April 9th 1940 Denmark is overrun and occupied by the Wehrmacht. The small, thoroughly peaceful Scandinavian nation stands no chance whatsoever against the surprise attack of its mighty neighbor.

Yet the Danes don't give up easy. In fact, they just don't give up at all. Despite impossible odds brave men and women start their fight for freedom, hitting factories and railroads. The occupying force's response is brutal, and if this wasn't so serious it could almost be described as laughable - what kind of sense does it make to hit Paramount film studios and the beloved Tivoli amusement park as revenge for resistance activities?

Even the 70 year old King Christian X shows his defiance by riding his horse through the capital Copenhagen, every single day. No wonder the Danish resistance is so fired up!

King Christian X defying occupation. Every single day.

In Spymaster, you will be able to recruit local people into your spy rings and they will help you gather intel as well as assist your agent teams on the field.  

And yes, Copenhagen is in the game. Get ready to recruit some fiery Danes into your organization. Allow me to finish off with an educational video of their potential.

- Lasse

Local assets hitting targets for you, Sir. (video) 

Local assets hitting targets for you, Sir. (video)