This is where we post Spymaster development updates & other random notes that come to mind. 

Drag, Swipe and Pinch to Victory!

I wanted to quickly open up some of the main things we think about when imagining what Spymaster should look & feel like on touch screens:

1. Play when you have time, where you have time

Playing a game and having a life should not be mutually exclusive. Mobile devices are perfect to use on the couch while keeping an eye on other important things. We want to make sure you can close the game at any point and return back later easily. For us this means putting your spy network on a map with all of it's nitty gritty details so you can instantly grasp what's going on and what you should do next without having to remember stuff from yesterday!

2. Easy to learn but hard to master

Nobody hates long and complicated tutorials as much as we do. Your spy organisation starts small-but-powerful and grows in potential as you get comfortable and choose to expand your reach. We'll make sure the Axis will give you a tougher time as you get more and more prepared to tackle their grandest schemes. Watch out for those Gestapo agents!

3. Designed for Touch™ 

There's no mouse or keyboard so why design the game like you had them? We think there's plenty of natural and fun things you can do with touch instead of tapping away in endless menus. We're constantly keeping an eye out for opportunities to make managing your spy networks that much more fun! :)

While this is our top 3 that we talk about every single day, there's always more things to improve. What are your biggest gripes with PC strategy games that you'd like to see fixed?

- Teemu