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Saruman Fought for Churchill

Saruman operating rather dangerous long-range communications equipment

We've all heard about this small debacle called the War of the Ring. But did you know that "Saruman" also fought in World War 2? Yes, I'm talking about Christopher Lee, one of the most famous actors of all time who is best known for his film roles as Saruman and Dracula. What on Earth did he do in WW2 then? Was he perhaps acting in the war propaganda movies like a certain Mr. Wayne?

Nope, young Mr. Lee was more into real action. After a volunteer stint in the Finnish Winter War he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and eventually ended up serving in Churchill's very own "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare", better known as the  Special Operations Executive. His missions remain classified to this day so we can only imagine what kind of daring commando raids he performed in the Axis-occupied Europe! 

If you're aware of any other celebrities who served in the special forces behind enemy lines, shout out in the comments! Would love to check out their stories, too.

- Lasse