This is where we post Spymaster development updates & other random notes that come to mind. 

We're working on Spymaster!

Super happy to announce that we are working on Spymaster, a World War 2 spy network building game!

First concept art for Spymaster. Whee!

"May 1941. As the leader of Allied covert operations you will build, manage and defend your spy network across Axis occupied Europe. Send your spies on covert missions to gather intel, recruits and of course deal damage to the enemy war effort. Fight the fearsome Gestapo and cut loose ends when you're faced with overwhelming enemy presence. Wage a secret war behind enemy lines, and win the day for the Allies!"

The game is in design & prototyping phase right now and we're facing a lot of design decisions every day. We'd love to hear what you think we should put into the game? Voice out in the comments! :)

- Lasse